Justice For Rabiah & Baby Ahja

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Rabiah " Kiyomi " Ahmad was the absolute best person you could have known, I am thankful that I had the opportunity to be in a loving, full, encouraging family with her, she was an all around people person.

Rabiah took a passion to hair and everything she touched turned to gold. She took her time and perfected her craft, got her name out to there. Rabiah donated her time and efforts to those that were less fortunate. Every year she chose a small group of young ladies during prom time and did their hair. She made them feel like the beautiful young princesses they were. Rabiah worked hard and got her beauty license, took off and became a Celebrity Cosmetologist. She's worked closely with artist and producer Suzi Analogue. She's featured in magazines, newspapers, podcast and worked with photographers. Voyage MIA. Aaron Jackson, the cofounder of FGO Network and podcast. Clippers and Music, Miami Art Week for social-media influencer, and Fenty Skin model Jazzelle Zanaughtti (AKA @uglyworldwide). Margo Hannah, stylist and creative director of Tenderheaded project. Becca McCharen-Tran, founder of bodywear fashion brand Chromat, which collaborated with Reebok on a 2019 footwear collaboration. Fempower’s Afrofuturistic, Vogue, Cultured Magazine, and Jezebel. Miami Times

 to name a few. Rabiah was a creative expert of her craft, she was beyond in love with hair, the body of the beauty and what made it so. Rabiah was a thinker, a researcher, she was a chemist so much to the point she began to venture to what you put on your skin and in your hair to make and keep it naturally healthy. Rabiah would tell us (the family) all of the time. "If you can't eat it, you shouldn't out it in or on your body." Rabiah became an Artisan Soap Maker. Before she was met to transition Rabiah was working on sending out to everyone in the family first two of the soaps she cultivated in the kitchen with baby girl Ahja in her stomach just reaching her 28 weeks mark of her pregnancy. Rabiah posted on her new Instagram page "The_HouseSkin_care" a branch from her hair page "KiyomiHouse." June 18, 2020, Rabiah made her first two bar soaps "Moo Moo's Milk & Honey Bomb" which we've made into Signature Soaps to pay homage to Rabiah for what she had began.

“I see myself one day working on a project with Harper's Bazaar magazine or for the Met Gala.... I want to build my Drip Project into something that will not only give back to the women in my community but also educate them about holistic ways to take care of their hair but most importantly themselves.... I’m going to leave my mark in Miami, the place that helped give life to me being who I am today.”